2017: Indiana Brownfield- Labor Administrator, Richmond, Connersville and Angola.

          City of Wabash- CDBG Stellar Administrator for the Eagles Theatre, Environmental Review and Labor  



2018: Dig Indy Project Labor Standards Administrator

          Randolph County- Fire Station Administration, Environmental Review and Labor Standards

          Town of Cicero- Façade Renovation Administration, Environmental Review and Labor Standards

          Indiana Brownfields- Labor Standards Administrator, Angola, Connersville,

          Henry County- Fire Station Administration

          Cambridge City – Comprehensive Master Plan

          City of Richmond- Wastewater Project Labor Administration

          Howard County- Project Management wastewater Improvements

          Town of Michigantown – Project Management Wastewater Improvement, Environmental Review and

          Labor Standards.

          Town of Arcadia-  Wastewater Improvement Labor Standards Administrator

          City of Crown Point- Wastewater Improvement Labor Administrator        


2019: Dig Indy-  Labor Administrator

          Indiana Brownfields- Labor Administrator, Chesterfield, Wabash, Elwood, Princeton, Crawfordsville, Ft.   

          Wayne, Indianapolis, Portland, Alexandria  and Richmond

          City of Tipton- Downtown Master Plan

          Town of Cedar Lake- Golfview Estates, Labor Administrator

          City of Terre Haute- Wastewater Project Labor Administrator

          City of Richmond- Wastewater Improvement Project Labor Administrator

          Town of Windfall- Wastewater Improvement Project- Administrator, environmental review and labor            


2020:  City of Tipton- Wastewater Improvement Project Labor Administrator

            Town of Cicero- Labor Administrator Wastewater Improvement Project



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