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Brief description of the firm:

Mendenhall & Associates has the pleasure of helping communities write and administer private, state, and federal funds for infrastructure projects. Primarily our grant administration services are provided to communities throughout Central Indiana.   



  • Our firm has CDBG grant administration down to a science and over the years we have developed steps that maintain our progress and keep us on task to meet the CDBG deadlines and requirements.  

  • We are prepared to think “outside the box” to provide consulting and insight to financials solutions for your project. 


  • Our team has a wealth of expertise in grant administration, professional versatility, combined with our philosophy of providing close personal service has resulted in the firm’s ability to increase the communities chances of receiving funds because of the clear understanding of the project.

  • We devote our best effort, energy, enthusiasm and commitment to every project…small or large…to make it successful through all phases of development…from conception to completion.

  • We offer personal respect, enthusiasm, understanding and a prompt response on a professional basis. It is through this strong commitment, together with our grant writing and administration expertise and total quality assurance that has earned us an excellent reputation among our clients and peers.

  • Our firm provides the highest caliber of professional services. Each project is managed and directed by the founder and principal of the firm. 

  • At Mendenhall & Associates, LLC, we are prepared to face the challenge of resurrecting your projects that your community will rely upon day in and day out. These structures will sustain and support life and give life purpose and meaning and we are looking forward to administering your CFF projects.

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